Friday, March 01, 2002

Been Hair, Done That -

If I ever doubted my twelve-year old self who came up with the saying, "You can judge a barber/hairdresser's skills by looking at their own hairstyle", I no longer do.

Yessiree, i got a housewivey auntie today at supercuts gloucester. ok she was very polite and she followed my instructions to 'not trim too much', but way too literal man. she made her cuts selectively, i.e. more or less the areas I said I wanted trimmed, but didn't touch the areas which I did not point to, which were mainly my sides, so my sides are still quite overgrown now. The fact is that my hair looks like crap and like I tried to be my own hairdresser with a pair of wicked scissors. Pffttt... with my haircut adventures these days, I cannot complain about paying 30 bucks for my regular hairdresser back at home to do the job, and can only count myself lucky when I look alright.

"Life is like a haircut, you never know what you are going to get." - Hair-rest Gump

I just sit there, and watch time go by.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Melancholy -

Throughout my tour last December, I keep going back to the times we had in Lyon. Okok, that series of 3 photos that I took at the riverbank plays a huge role in this. They join up to show the panoramic view of the river and the hillside of where we ambled aimlessly through winding lanes and cobble streets, and its one of my favourite photos from the trip. But I remember the aimless ambles too; and staying in when it was warm instead of braving it out to make our travelling efforts worth (I was sick); and sitting up one night before I slept, for a moment, brief but memorable nevertheless, of looking through my window down to the charming lights by the river (The lights and the fact that Lyon was labelled the "City of Lights" is a story worth telling, but another day lest I digress even further); and most importantly, when she tried to teach me the lyrics to the "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog.

Does she remember all that I remember too? Did she look thoughtful or was it just me? Will I ever go back to stand by the riverbank like it was a few months ago, and will it be with her, another person, or just myself?

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Week 22 - No more Safety lectures -

Finally booked my one week tour in Scotland. Gonna be by myself and initially had a bit of trepidations about that... but oh well, live a little.

The questions she asked took me out entirely. A result of realisation that was overdue? An overly-stressed week? Went thru my icq messages log, sigh but it barely helps, if not making everything murkier...