Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Walking days

So I was only half-kidding when I said to my friends before leaving that I would take walks along the River Thames whilst contemplating my career as a chemical engineer hehe... But I was only half-kidding, I would jump at any chance to take nice walks in the London weather amidst languid scenery and forgetting all about work... and to my pleasant surprise found just that walking along the Serpentine in Hyde Park today.

London parks are indeed beautiful... despite the endless grey skies, there is something calming and serene about looking at skies which are not broken by tall buildings, nevermind the greyness of it all. And there was this moment when the sun peered through a gap in the clouds: the contrast of the greyey-undersides away from the sun with the pristine whiteness of the other side looked like an oil painting brought to life. Wished I could take a shot then but my camera lens needed to be cleaned. Not too long later, the clouds moved on and so did I. Guess the gloom does get to me after a while. Will go back.

Victorian houses are really pretty as well, or at least I have never thought so until now.

Been to: Natural History Museum (Dinosaurs galore!), RSC's Hamlet (Sam West looks uncannily like Scott Speedman, and ouch my butt) and Monsters Inc.