Saturday, February 09, 2002

Time: 3pm, London; Weather: Absolutely fine.

Like how some relate memories to smells or sounds to a certain time, a lot of what I remember comes back to weather. Like the drizzly grey skies that made life miserable for me in Brussels, the purplish darkness of the dreaded early mornings when I was still in Primary School (met it again when I had to wake up early in NS), to the romantically languid mornings of blues and whites in my room that I now wake up to.

And just a few moments ago, there were blue skies, decorated with cotton-candy-like clouds, which was accompanied by the warmth and light of a sun that had passed its peak during noon, but still casting long shadows having not reached its decadence of evening time yet. 'It' got me musing over a few memories which I thought I had forgotten. And later, I was reminded of how common such a state of the weather was actually quite common back in Singapore... a typical scenario would be 4-5ish in a day, after a repressing afternoon of heat and sun: times when i was booking out, when i was done with house-visiting on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, when I had finished watching "I Love Lucy" re-runs on SBC and I was still in sec. 1...

I guess besides the fact that it was common to a lot of memories, 'it' also came to signify a certain ending to a long day, and a certain reprieve to a long list of "to-do"s. And for all the different circumstances that 'it' had appeared with, 'it' had not changed much by 'itself'.

That should explain the warm and comforting feeling I got when I came by 'it' again a few moments ago, after having absented 'itself' from my life, and the usual repertoires of weather I was used to, since I arrived in London when it was already late Autumn.

Watched: Last Orders, the movie.