Thursday, January 10, 2002

Food for thought - This is weird.

I thought I'll rest early last night cuz there was a bit of flu brewing, so I got all tucked up at by 11. Then, instead of sleeping, my mind started racing all over recipes and food. Kept thinking of the dishes that I would cook over the next few weeks (after this week's earlier moment of inspiration?) Was thinking specifically of salmon steak (easy-to-make-instant hollandaise sauce or teriyaki sauce?), diced chicken in oyster sauce WITH ginger (forgot ginger last time), stirred fried xiaobaicai (emphasis on this was to make the sauce that my mom made, should be oyster sauce with a bit of flour), spaghetti with self-made pasta sauce from tomato puree. Last I sat up and looked at the clock in exasperation, it was 12.30am. And today I was falling asleep in the afternoon lectures.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Search for Paradise - I know what I really want now.

That gaping absence, that strangely familiar feeling of emptiness, after I returned from my France and Belgium tour. Yes, without any doubt, having her beside me all the while was one of the best things that happened to me. Felt like a dream to me and had to yes, cliche, but pinch myself on the first night to know it was real. But objectively, the trip was still missing something.

I planned it myself this time, like a real true backpacker. Or so I thought. Buying connections, researching on cities, booking hostels, and the greatest fault of all, setting an itinary. Not that bad actually, but when you are travelling with worker-ants-like-companions (she coined that hurhur), whose daily one and only aim is to travel to a landmark, give a condescending glance, ask "so what is there here ar?", then take that all-important but not self-realisingly-superficial "been-here-done-that" picture, and finally an invisible pat on the back, it just makes your day. And your entire trip. And they are government scholars, future leaders. Black sheep?

So, the real emptiness? That I planned for each city to be covered in 2-3 days. Yes, I sat in Parisan side-walk cafes, ambled aimlessly through romantic streets lined with half-timbred houses and tasted numerous local sidewalk and restaurant food. But they were all oh-so-short. Fleeting glances and crummy photographs in the end. I am now suddenly not looking forward to developing the photographs. Or perhaps I shall not boast about visiting 5 cities in 2 weeks to people anymore.

The coming holidays? To spend a week on a Greek island resort, soaking in all that sun that I have always missed. Ultimate! Or a week in an Italian town, creating memories of yellow sunsets, brown-tinged surroundings and wide toothy Italian children grins. And then a week in the Scottish highlands, waking up to endless slopes of greens that exhausy superlatives. Finally, slightly lower on my new priority list, wind-swept coasts in Ireland. Or do they not have that? Or does Scotland have it too? Heh.

No more monuments, no more landmarks, no more to do this, to do that. Just taking it in, and living it up. Thats what making this entire 9 months should be about.

And no more ants too. heh.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Pasta Lurrrvvvvveeeeeee and special email-notes on loneliness - Just cooked one of my most fabulous pastas, if I may say so myself hurhur. (Hey it had 2 hard hours of preparation.) Made it after I was inspired by a very nice tasting one I had at this pasta restaurant near my dorms, forgot whats its name. But essentially had bacon, chix and mushrooms in a tomato sauce. Usually chix dont go well with tomato sauces, but the bacon really blended real nice with it, salty pork and clean-tasting chix. Yup, you can believe me on that, since I am turning into one of those rare singaporean males who can cook wahahahaha.

yes, thats what living away from home in a foreign land by yourself does to a person. hurhur.

Now onto Haagen Daaz ice-cream that I got one-for-one at the local supermart. Baileys or cookies and cream?

p.s. just got your email after sending mine out. lost for words :)
p.p.s listening to gin blossoms again.
p.p.p.s damn why is my neighbour blasting senseless music?