Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Cool! The comments work heh! Ok work work...
Mayday-wannabe - Hello, havent been back for a while. So whass up lately? Em, been to two splendid musicals at West End last week, (Phantom and Chicago), and now the beginning of this week kicks off a 2 week intensive Reactor Design Project. In the last two weeks of school before term breaks for holidays, how even more splendid eh?

But nope, aint writing about these today. Was reading up my Reaction Engineering notes a while back, until I got totally bored, and decided to listen to some Wu Yue Tian (Mayday) music. So there I was, 10 mins later, discman plugged into my ears, and me in my pyjamas, belting out along whilst playing my 'air-drums' and some mean 'air-guitar', totally absorbed in a different realm from my current surroundings of quiet room and papers-stacked-on desk. Tsk, sad, yes. I recall an entry by a fellow Singaporean blogger, who once wrote of himself reminiscing of his days of hostel staying. Of staring at a bench outside his room, where he used to chat late into nights with his neighbours, and all that remained now were shadows etched in memory. I am growing very attached to this room, mini-loft bed, stinky carpetting and all. And the day will come when luggage and bags all beside, ready to leave, I will take a final look into the room, and see the image of a bloke immersed in his own realm of 'Mayday' music at 12 midnight.

Hmm... more about 'Mayday'. Still remember the farewell concert that I went to with Rowell and Huat. Was saving the last shot to take ourselves at the end of the event, but having taken the 2nd last shot by mistake, we were like ants on a hot stove when the band came around, for a final farewell bow, and had to decide if we wanted that last shot for a possibly perfect 'Mayday' picture. Eventually did take their final bow instead of our own groupshot. Diehard fans indeed? :)

Darn, was supposed to re-continue non-isothermal reactors and reversible reactions and all 1 hour back heh. Ciao.