Friday, November 23, 2001

"Life is an irony" and other documentations - Had a most unforgettable weekend. Yes all ended well, much better in fact (or I hope) :) You will remember, even without reading this again, won't you?

Quite inspired to blog again after having surfed to too many other good blogs by fellow sporeans, but what should I make of it? Damn, work is piling up too, where do they find all that time? Looked back and actually realised that I had already almost cleanly forgotten what I had been up to before I began this blog. So (despite all that fluid mech tutorials, procrastination prevails yet again), I shall make a quick chronological run-down list, so very engineer-like: pragmatic and unfeeling, and revel in my own little achievements list whilst you grow bored reading em heh.

29/9/01 - Arrival
6/10/01 - Portobello Market
11/10/01 - Boat Party (UCL)/ forgot when was Fisher Hall's
16/10/01 - Cats musical
17/10/01 - My Fair Lady musical (double header in the midst of my computing assignment, almost did me in, it did!)
20/10/01 - Warwick Castle
21/10/01 - Glider flight woohoo! Weekdays and weekend burnt, homework for the week say byebye now heh
27/10/01 - Oxford Trip
30/10/01 - Witches of Eastwick musical
31/10/01 - Amelie
03/11/01 - Nottingham Trip (cancelled). Research for Dec hols into the week ending 10/11
07/11/01 - Covent Garden
11/11/01 - RLFF - "Mostly Martha" and "Dead or Alive 2: Birds"
14/11/01 - Rembrandt Exhibition
16/11/01 - Cinema Paradiso
17/11/01 - RLFF - Waking Life
21/11/01 - RLFF - Time Out

And coming up:
The Lion King
Phantom of the Opera
Starlight Express
Les Miz
LOTR Premiere

Almost 2 months of my 9 months stay is over. Help.